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How do you play an escape room game?

You have 60 minutes to solve a series of clues, games, hints and puzzles that will allow you to win the game.

Teams are made of 2-10 players and are for ages 8 and up (children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult).

At Escape Room Yuma, you do not need any external knowledge to be able to play our escape room games. All you need to do is bring your thinking cap and everything else you need is in the room.

Puzzles can be split into three distinct categories:

Logical – Using basic logic, common sense and sometimes the most basic of math skills you discover patterns, messages and sequences to figure out for example, a combination to a lock.

Physical – By interacting with items in the room and the room itself you figure out the meaning and use of a particular contraption in the room. But remember, there is no need to use a lot of force. All of our physical games do not require the use of physical force. If you can’t lift it with the strength of your pinkie, it doesn’t need to be lifted. The nature of all of our rooms is that they are played as if you were a cat burglar that does not want to be caught, because sometimes the order in which you find things may matter for solving the puzzle.

Collaborative – Some puzzles will require multiple team members to work together in unison to be solved. This is intentional to promote team work. We don’t care how loud you get, but you have to listen to each other and synchronize your actions in order to solve the puzzle.

At Escape Room Yuma, regardless of which escape room difficulty and theme you choose; our games have one thing in common. They are built around TEAMWORK and COMMUNICATION. You cannot win any of the games alone, or as everyone working as individuals. You must band together, and only together do you stand a chance of winning.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played an escape room before. When coming to our facility you will be briefed before starting the game to give you the tips and techniques necessary to succeed.

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What our escape artists say...

It was incredibly fun and challenging. I was with two others and it was a new exciting challenge at every turn. If you manage to beat the clock you get such a feeling of achievement. Literally the only disappointment is that the next room is not ready yet.

Escape Room Tucson
Brandon A       Yuma, Arizona

Very well designed and thought out puzzle room experience. They have my favorite escape room in all of Yuma!

Escape Room Tucson
AJ G.       Yuma, Arizona

I took my oldest son and 4 of his friends this week to check out Escape Room Yuma - what a great night! Five teenage boys matching wits and rushing to beat the clock made for some hilarious and intense moments! I can't wait to do it again!

Escape Room Tucson
Ammy Q. Yuma, Arizona

Completely challenging, entertaining hour that leaves you wanting to try your hand or should I say brain at another room. Thinking outside the boxing exercising your brain, then dinner afterwards and good conversation. You will not be disappointed.

Escape Room Tucson
Clare N. Yuma, Arizona